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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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walking unsteadily after dui last month. getting ready to drag race. good night from washington. bill o'reilly starts right now. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> 72% of babies in african-american communities are born out of wedlock now. why isn't there a campaign to aa dress that problem very explicitly? >> question was put to president obama on super bowl sunday and now we have a definite answer. the white house will make a big announcement tomorrow. we'll preview it for you tonight. >> it was my personal experience that there are some people in the united states who don't yet see that a woman should be president. >> is it time for america to have a female president? if so, why? kirsten and kate on that. ♪ would you mind ♪ there's no going back.
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>> also tonight, pop singer katy perry has angered some muslims around the world. dennis miller has some thoughts. >> i heard a rumble. caution, you are about to enter the the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. are you your brother's keeper? >> if you watch the factor often we believe many of the social problems in america are the direct result of the collapsing family unit in some precincts. african-americans, for example have a huge problem in that area. with 72% of black babies now born out of wedlock. for white americans the number is 29%. some disturbing facts. 48% of american children in single female households live in poverty as opposed to 11% in married families.
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71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes. 75% of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes. and boys without fathers present are twice as likely to become gang members than boys in traditional situations. the root of poverty, crime, and despair in america is the collapse of the traditional family. on super bowl sunday, i asked president obama about this. >> 72% of babies in african-american community are born out of wedlock now. why isn't there a campaign by you and the first lady to address that problem very explicitly. >> actually, bill, we address it explicitly all the time. i will send you at least 10 speeches i have made since i have been president talking about the importance of young people delaying
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gratification, talking about the importance of when it comes to child-rearing, paying child support. spending time with your kids, reading with them. so, whether it's getting publicity or not is a whole different question. >> but now it will get publicity because tomorrow at the white house the president will announce a huge initiative called my brother's keeper. essentially it will target young black males and try to give them some hope. now, i will be at the white house tomorrow to cover this for you. and we will get specifics. on a general basis, it is long past time for america to join together and help the kids. put yourself into their position. millions of children are born into chaotic homes where millions of americans are irresponsible or absent. how can kids like that compete with children from stable homes? the answer is they can't. now, the government is somewhat limited in what it can do. but it certainly can make it an issue. having children out of wedlock is not good.
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bringing children into the world when you can't support them is stupid and cruel. this message should be drummed into every american. it should be done in school, public school, private school, should be done in the media, and it should be done by the president. many americans object to making judgments about behavior. that attitude is leading to disaster. we need to gipp confronting this terrible problem. one final statistic. 56% of all americans in prison grew up in a single parent home. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from atlanta, ron clark, middle school teacher who runs a school for low income kids today. and from virginia beach, dr. adolf brown teacher and speaker. when you were in middle school you saw kids at risk in the situation i just described. i don't know what the government can do. i want the president to get involved. i told him he should publicize it but what county government do directly?
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>> well, i wouldn't have advised the government to get involved because at this time, bill, we need parent involvement and less government involvement. but, since this initiative has been rolled out, it's important that there be some type of contract with parents because it starts at home. either the parents give children time or the system will. so it has to start at home with parents and children are encouraged to see opportunities in america. >> doctor, you are talking in theoretical. you are in fantasy land. with all due respect because you do good work. you are living in peter panville, all right? that's where you are. >> look. >> hold on eakd is, hear me out, doctor. have you got a drug addicted mother and father. okay? you are not going to get through to them. they are not going to listen to you. have you got a father who is not there the kids don't even know who he is. he is gone. another state -- >> -- that's it. >> that's not going to happen. so i have got to deal with reality here. the parent aren't going to be reasonable. they don't give a hoot.
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what county government do then? >> well, bill, i'm that child. i came from a single parent mother. my brother was murdered. i made it and others like me have made it so, there is something called resiliency. >> to some people. >> something called responsibility. >> to some people like you. you had it. but i want to he know and let me -- think about it for a minute. i want to go over to you, from clark, because you are in the fray right now. what county federal colossus do for kids like dr. brown. >> i'm excited they are bringing attention to it because this is my life's work and to have the government say we have to do something we have to get involved and we are going to provide mentors and programs for these students i think that's awesome and especially great. they will see what we are already doing around the country that's wonderful. we found a 100-year-old factory in downtown atlanta. we filled it with the best teachers, the best staff. the staff members are our
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mentors. what we have done with these kids is miraculous. >> where did you get the money to pay the teachers and all of that? where did it come from. >> three years of taking donations, we asked people to give us toilets, carpets. >> now you are here because corporate america is going to ally with this campaign. now, here's my thing, dr. brown, getting back to you. i want the president of the united states and i told him and the first lady, all right. the vegetable garden is good. okay. don't drink the soda, that's okay. i don't oppose that but they should be in your face. they should be in your face saying you know what? when you are 15, tonight have sex. don't have babies. this is crushing not only you but the child. don't do it. and you know. >> exactly. >> if he this would start, then the cowardly media, who don't want to make any judgments. oh, we can't judge, then they pick up the theme. every day. >> exactly. >> don't do it. >> exactly. >> you say? >> well, bill, i travel the
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world talking to students all levels. and i -- before i will even accept an engagement to speak to students i require the schools to ensure that the parents will be in attendance for an evening event. it puts everyone on the same page. parents have to be there. guardians have to be be there. it does not work. it's not sustainable if you don't have them. what ron clark does is wonderful. i know his work. but at the end of the day those children two home. and that's -- every teacher's gripe is that we do what we do during the day. at the end of the day they go home. home needs to understand that there are opportunities in america. they exist through education. and, bill, i'm not saying that public education is perfect by any means. but it's a start. >> all right. but, again, when they go back to the home and the parents are passed out on the couch because they just consumed a half liter of gin and the kid is staring at them and can't even get a nutritious meal, the government can't kick in doors. you see, this is the problem. >> exactly. that's true.
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>> the pressure, you can put pressure on these derelict, awful parents. >> yes, can you. >> and the pressure has to come from the power structure. that means the president and that means the media that's where the pressure has to come. cosby did that cosby did it in a reverse way. by showing hey here is how it should be. that's what he did. it worked to some extent. but now we have a black president who understands the problem. and i'm going to see tomorrow with my own eyes. i mean, they invited me to go, and i'm going it stand there and i'm going to watch and stand there and listen to see if it's all hollow or going to do something. mr. clark, the problem is, legislating more rattle to bad parents. have you thought about that problem? >> the thing that's difficult to get that parent up off that couch. i don't care what he says on tv if that parent is drunk he ain't going to hear it in the first place. what you are doing is putting mentors good people with a lot of these kids. i have worked with kids in harlem and north carolina and atlanta hot couch -- who
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the dad was on the couch drunk or visa versa and if you could be mentor and influence that kid. you could show that kid. >> that's a good point. big brothers, big sisters, i know that when you have bad parents, if there is somebody else that the kid can go to and that's an excellent point and we support here on the factor the best friends in washington, d.c. which does exactly that, that can have a difference. gentlemen, you both do very fine work and we are pleased to talk to you tonight. >> thank you. >> and we will have valerie jarrett on, the president's top advisor on the factor to talk about this. we have a brand new poll for you. off last night's debate with john stossel. are american kids better off today or 50 years ago? please vote on bill o' next on the rundown, should congress spend taxpayer money studying marijuana and the potential benefits of it? oh, yeah. we will take a look at it later, miller on singer katy
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"wowts got to get better than is or i'm in big trouble." factor follow up segment tonight. michele bachmann said she does not feel the country is ready for a woman president. with us is kate observer shayne and kirsten powers. i know you probably thought about this very much kirsten, there has got to be some downside to having a woman president, right? something something that may not fit with that office, correct? >> i'm going to say no, bill. >> >> there is no downside to having a woman. >> just because you are female something would -- let me ask you this. what's the downside of man being president? >> you have got three years?
5:15 pm
look at the guys we have in there. >> that's because they are a man or because of the people that are in office. >> look, men are men and women are women. there is a difference, kate. there is a difference between the genders now, men, they are tied up and a will the of them macho image and that kind of thing and act like you are not going to push me around discussion member as women. got to be a downside for a woman. do you know one? >> you know, i'm having a tough time with this one, too bill. think at this depends on the individual. of course there is a downside to certain individual women. >> you both don't see any gender deficiency to lead the free world? >> i actually can can can think of something. >> oh good. >> if you can take your example of men being macho a woman might feel that she needs to act macho, for
5:16 pm
example, maybe feel like she had it to vote for say the iraq war, i'm going to say theoretically to make it look like she would be a tough leader when she was in office and that she is not afraid to use military force. >> that's what hillary clinton did. >> yeah. >> right. >> but that was a theoretical example. >> -- mrs. clinton. >> a lot of people feel that might have been part of her calculation is that she wanted to look tough and needed to look tough because people sometimes there are some people out there would wonder is a woman going to be comfortable using military force? i think it's a silly thing to worry about because we have seen strong woman leaders but some people think that. >> not that many. there haven't been that many strong women leaders throughout history. we have gold myer. thatmargaret thatcher. both of women on the senate and congress level. you know, but when you are president of the united states you have got it deal with people like putin, kate, you have got to deal with more ornery, mullahs in iran.
5:17 pm
they think they are like subspecies. >> how is obama doing with that these tough guys? i am saying he is having much harder time than strong women would have. obama is bending over backwards to be gracious and work with these people and roughing rough shot over him. >> rather than bash the president which is easy. let's keep it on women. have you got a woman of the president of the united states mullahs say we are not going to deal with you. we don't like you. we don't think you are as good as men. muslim world doesn't accept the equality. right away there is a deficit, no. >> no the president is not the one doing that there is somebody at a cabinet level who doing most of that work. i think we have seen. we have had secretaries of state, we had condoleezza rice. we had hillary clinton who have been able to interact with these people. >> let me throw this at you because i know this is going to happen. say hillary clinton, and she is the only woman in play right now is elected. you know the chinese are going to test her right away.
5:18 pm
they are going to move warships into certain areas and they are going to bing bing bing. let's see what we have here. they did the same thing with barack obama. they tested. they tested. they tested. all right, to see what he has barack obama dropped drones on him and i think hillary clinton absolutely would drop drones on them. i think she would probably up the drone drop knowing mrs. clinton. putin is going to do it. chinese going to do it. certainly north korea is going to do it. they will snatch okay americans. they will kidnap them. he they will do all of that just to see how it goes, kate. >> bill, they do that to everybody. >> i really think there is no question. whether hillary is tough enough. we see in her throughout the clinton years in if anything she is considered somewhat ruthless. i think competency when it comes to foreign policy issues like of course benghazi is going to be the billing one. she knew it was coming. she knew that they were heightened tensions. and, yet, she didn't do what she needed to do.
5:19 pm
she wasn't tough enough in that situation wasn't proactive enough. of course she lied to the american people with the caskets right next to her. so i think her competency is going to be the question. just like with any woman as opposed to the toughness. >> question in her background is going to be delved into. powers, i have got a personal question for you, okay? >> oh no, no you cannot ask me a personal question. >> of course i am. i can can do whatever i want on this show. you know it. would you want to be president of the united states. >> no. not in a million years. >> why? >> why would you want all that stress? >> so you would say that kirsten powers i don't want stress so therefore even if i could do the job and help my country men because i don't want stress i wouldn't do it. >> i don't want that i also don't want to be that public of a person. even what i do now is probably more public than i want to be. i like my privates. i like to just, you know, sort of hang out with my friends. i just never would want to have to live under the microscope. i think it would be really really hard. >> how about you kate? do you want to be president. >> no, i don't think i do. i think it takes a very
5:20 pm
ambitious, very self-confident human being with an unusual degree of passion for changing the world. and i think that would take a very specific individual. probably not me. >> bill, do you want to be president? >> no. >> very good question. >> i don't want to take the salary cut. it would be devastating to meemplet it would be a step down, wouldn't it? >> all right ladies, directly ahead. james rosen who definitely wants to be president on the irs hearing scandals today. carl cameron on challengers to hillary clinton on the democratic presidential nomination. then you are not going to believe this story. arizona being overrun by vicious chihuahuas. earth that. chihuahuas. watch out. we're coming right back. captain obvious: i'm in a hotel. and a hotel is the perfect place to talk to you about hotels. all-you-can-eat is a hotel policy that allows you to eat all that you can.
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washington beat segment tonight, earlier today the house oversight committee continued investigation into the irs targeting of some conservative groups. joining us from washington ace corpts carl cameron and james rosen. what happened today, ronge, on those hearings? >> well, it's interesting. you will be pleased it know since you, bill, like me, are on tv and therefore by definition are age rag ego maniac that your interview with president obama from the super bowl figured prominently in this house hearing today. some of the lawmakers from the republican side about saying how can the president of the united states say there is not a smidgen of corruption in the irs targeting case as he said to you during the super bowl yet we have the irs and department of justice say this is ongoing prosecution. and one witness at the hearing said well i would hope it would be true that the president's remarks didn't serve to undermine the investigation but he couldn't, as a matter of fact, say that it didn't undermine the investigation.
5:25 pm
bun other point to be made here, bill, is that a lot of the action really took place outside the hearing room. the attorney for lois lerner, who is the director of the very unit at the center of the irs scandal and who previously pleaded the fifth, her lawyer wrote to the chairman of this committee today and said, in essence, she is receiving death threats. you shouldn't call her back for more testimony next week when you know she is only going to plead the fifth again. it only increase the death threats but every indication is that the house oversight committee will demand more testimony from lois learner. >> all right. but it is a dog and pony show because as the attorney rightly pointed out, she is not going to deviate from that unless she gets some kind of immunity which, why would she need it if there is not a smidgen of evidence there was any corruption. it seems to be going in a circle, rosen, with really no progress or am i wrong? the committee and attorney for lois lerner are engaged in discussions about a proffer. that's where the attorney can go forward on a very
5:26 pm
confidential basis and tell the lawmakers what his witness might be inclined to tell the committee if the witness did receive immunity. there hasn't been much offered by way of proffer. >> so really nothing happened today. rosen, you may remember was involved in some kind of wiretap deal where he was trying to get some information why don't you see what happened there. you described this very inaccurately. which and listen, we don't begrudge it, we love you anyway, bill. what happened was disclosed by the "the washington post" that the department of justice had break into my personal email account as part of the investigation of an alleged source of mine that individual had been charged with a, allegedly unlawfully leaking national defense information about north korea to me and then allegedly b, that individual
5:27 pm
earlier this month, entered a guilty plea and awaiting sentencing and probably stands to serve 8 to 13 months in prison. >> all right. for leaking? >> i have never, on this program or any place else spoken about whether this individual was a source of mine or not. and i am not doing that here. i am now assured that i will not be prosecuted in connection with the case. get you on here and be a martyr, you can have rallies, free rosen. >> i'm touched by your concern. i'm touched it, bill. >> carl cameron, everyone. is he following the democratic rivalries for president. and i understand that governor of maryland martin o'malley is going to run against hillary, who else is in the game.
5:28 pm
>> clinton has been really busy the last couple of days and rest of the week. some of her potential rivals looking pretty restless. george down university and tonight the university of miami. tomorrow the former pro-obama super pac u.s.a. is going to hold first official gathering in new york city as a hillary clinton fundraising operation for 2016. it's a big deal. something got under joe biden's skin this weeks. the vice president told "the view" that he never said if clinton runs he won't. also this week on seth meyers first night hosting the late show biden joked about announcing his candidacy. patrick. o'malley has been out there for months already. sweitzer went to iowa and took shots at hillary clinton not too long ago. new york governor cuomo is thinking about it. here is the clicker jerry brown and howard dean say if clinton's not challenged on her left they might. there is one more thing here
5:29 pm
bill. another trove of white house documents ready for release. in fact, they have actually been available for release for more than a year which raises questions about transparency. >> absolutely. the documents, everybody is waiting for those. because it has to do with conversations between bill and hillary clinton while bill clinton was president. and they got to be released. so rosen and cammeron iet them e them here next week. all right. and also, cammeron, i want you to find out who is paying for hillary clinton's private jet. okay? next week, we have all the documents. >> and the menus, and lunch menus. >> okay. and we will find out who is paying for hillary clinton's private jet. i want to know that plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. pot controversy continues along the u.s.a. should the feds be studying the benefits of the drug. are there any? then miller on singer katy perry being threatened by muslims. also a gender controversy on facebook. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
5:30 pm
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personal story segment tonight. the office of national drug control policy is prohibited by law from studying the potential benefits of marijuana. now one politician wants to change that. joining us from washington congressman steve cohen democrat from tennessee. why spend taxpayer money on this? we all know what pot is, what it is supposed to do. i'm i'm not talking about medical marijuana. let the medical people do what they want. just the social marijuana. why spend my money on this? >> because the drug czar can't even use any science at all to adjust the
5:34 pm
schedule it's in which determines the penalties which would be meted out for marijuana. the fact it shouldn't be schedule one with heroin. everybody knows that the drug czar shouldn't be able to use his experience, science, and give us sound basis for where it should be in the schedules. >>y mind you changing the law. you congress people. that's what you are in business to do. that's why we elected you. you want to change the law about marijuana? you want to decriminalize it? go, vote. all right. fine. i don't want a big dog and pony 10, 20-million-dollar study from what we already know. you smoke marijuana to get intoxicated. that's why you use it. that's why people want it it that's it? when you do that, stuff happens so what else do we need to know. >> the drug schedules are based on the likelihood of addiction and the use as a medicine. and by being a schedule 1 they say marijuana has absolutely no medical value which 20 states have medical marijuana and doctors prescribe it so obviously that's not accurate.
5:35 pm
they say it has the highest rate addiction to a drug. oxycontin and heroin does. >> introduce a bill to decriminalize. why don't do you that? i don't need a study. i'm not challenging what you say. i think marijuana is n. an intoxicate can't. all right? it's like why the thc deponent is more intense than a occasional glass of wine occasional bottle of beer. i don't want to debate that if you want to decriminalize it, do it. do it. >> the states is who ought to be decriminalizing it. >> talking about the federal czar here. you can't have it both ways. states are already doing what they want. colorado and -- believe me they have social problems all over the place from what they are doing. i don't object to that by
5:36 pm
the way. let's pass along and see where the folks are. >> first of all we should have a study on marijuana based on colorado and washington to see if we save money on the $30,000 it cost to incarcerate a person every year to see if people who get marijuana convictions and keep them out of schools and out of public housing out of schools scholarships and out of jobs if that has a deleterious effect on the people in colorado or washington is better for the people in the future. >> going to do that kind of a study, you have to conclude is there a higher rate of mental addiction among children, drunk driving. you have to do the whole thing. you can't just cherry pick what you want. i will take the comprehensive study. last word. >> we have a study we have proposed it was a study by shaffer in 1971, governor shaffer under the nixon administration which said it should be decriminalized. i think we audited to have a study and the drug czar ought to be able to give an
5:37 pm
opinion and reclassify the schedule of drugs based on science. >> i think we should have a vote in congress. i think you should introduce a bill and have a vote. let's see. all right congressman. thanks very much. when we come right back dennis miller under fire by some muslims. how dare they? miller is next. why do people count on sunsweet prune juice to stay fit on the inside?
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. we have two interesting situations for the sage of southern california who joins us now from santa barbara. so miller, are you a facebook guy? >> before we get into that, could i tell you that steve cohen was a genius. can you introduce me to him? his head was emptier than that dome over his right shoulder. by the way, was he the exact same color as his necktie? what's with the tanning down there? between him and boehner, everybody is walking around -- you know, it looks like they all got the bronzers on. take some votes, you morons, get out of spray tan votes. what were we talking about? >> we are talking about facebook, miller. are you on it? >> oh. yeah. i just friended steve cohen because is he a genius. >> seriously. see, i'm not on facebook. >> i am. i know you love him. is he a genius.
5:42 pm
>> i gave him a hard time, miller. you heard it it i gave him a hard time. okay. are you on facebook? can i get a straight answer? yes or no? >> yes, you can. billy, here is the person i'm worried about. they have 50 different sexual things, right? let me be counter intuitive. why do they discriminate against the a 1st guy? there is a 51st minor tributary out there? why do they discriminate? can i tell you something? when zukenberg invented facebook, and i only know this because i saw the film the social network. he was out with a chic one night and she scorned him and he went home and stole all the sorority's pictures and he ran a who is hotter competition. who would you rather, you know. that's where the birth of it was. all of a sudden he is etant. this started out as a big hot vs. hot contest. the country has gone crazy. i have trouble keeping a straight face or a nongay face on when i talk about
5:43 pm
this stuff. >> i'm not on facebook because i have the most popular cable news program in the world so i mean if you want to see my face, here it is. it is every night. enough is enough. you tonight need me on the internet. but, what miller is saying is that on this facebook thing apparently you register and you describe yourself a certain way and there are are 50 gender descriptions, miller. i thought there were only two genders but apparently i'm wrong again. >> lining like i said a 1st guy nobody cares about and that is sexist. i don't know what's going on in this country right now. if i'm a gay guy -- they don't like my opinion. if i am living in arizona, i'm for gay marriage but if i go into a bakery and i say listen, steve and i are going to get married and we would like a cake that says steve and ed on it and the guy behind the counter says i'm christian, it's not my thing, could i get off the hook? if i'm the gay guy i just
5:44 pm
say yeah, sure man i don't want you making the cake if you don't like gay people. i don't call roger goodell a. and say not holding the super bowl. what's happened to this country? go find somebody who digs gay marriages, let him make the cake. >> there you go. there is is a a lot of people who would do that katy perry, i met her last year. nice woman. and she put out a recent video that the muslims don't like. roll it. ♪ baby, do you dare do me in ♪ because i'm coming at you like a dark horse ♪ are you ready for ♪ are you ready for ♪ a perfect storm ♪ because would you mind ♪ would you mind ♪ there's no going back. >> katy perry in that shot with the guy melting. with some muslim emblem or something. i'm not getting. this do you know what this is all about. >> shocking because muslim people usually aren't
5:45 pm
uptight about stuff. jackal mask there. that was steve cohen. is he playing the jackal head in there. listen, let me say something to the muslim world. and i mean this in all seriousness. i don't know anything about it i don't know anything about episcopalian. i don't know anything about a lot of things. i was raised catholic and i don't know a whole lot about that you get so cranky, it's the killing people who you don't agree with. if they say they are going to ban katie perry's video i go maybe there is some progress being made over there or statement about how big katy perry is they are just banning her. i don't have any axe to grind with you. when you start lopping heads off, i over here just go it's not my sort of crew. i don't date those people. >> take it easy. video god god's sake. maybe it was anti-bob statement. i don't know. >> they are looking to be offended.
5:46 pm
there is no doubt about it miller, everyone. we would like to remind everyone that two weeks from friday the bolder fresher tour rolls into miller's hometown pittsburgh, pennsylvania. energy center that show is going to be wild. buffalo, grand rapids, michigan, minneapolis, rapids city, north dakota. on deck, chihuahuas running wild. you may be in danger. martha maccallum is a frightened woman. she will be be here next. so i got the new nokia lumia icon. it's got 1080p video, three times zoom, and a twenty-megapixel sensor. it's got the brightest display, so i can see what i'm shooting -- even outdoors, and 4 mics that capture incredible sound. plus, it has apps like vine -- and free cloud storage. my new lumia icon is so great, even our wipeouts look amazing. ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪
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back of the book segment tonight. did you see that? we have two stories for you tonight. here to help us out. fox news anchor martha maccallum you see her with hemmer 9:00 a.m. eastern time. colorado, as you know, one
5:50 pm
of the five states in the union doesn't have jessica's law now reintroduced by some republicans in the legislature. they tell me out in denver the fix is in against jessica's law. that true? out in denver the fix is in against jessica's law, is that true? >> yeah, this would be the third time at some point where jessica's law came up for a vote in colorado. this was sent to what is known as the kill committee, the veteran's affairs -- >> military veteran's affairs. >> a committee of seven democrats, four republicans. and it is very unlikely to get anywhere. >> so why do you think -- because colorado has very lenient sentencing, do they not? >> yes, they do, absolutely. >> so if you rape a child in colorado you wouldn't get the 25 to life minimum, like with jessica's law. you will get something much, much lighter. why do you think that the
5:51 pm
legislature is doing this? >> it is so hard to wrap your brain around. what we're talking about here is the sexual assault of a child under the age of 12 years old. so how you can't get behind a 5 25-year minimum sentence for somebody who assaults a child. i mean, there is no gray area here. >> so you agree it has to be do done. >> they say the laws are already in place. they're not, you get two years to life. almost nobody gets life for this in colorado. and many people get two years, many people get plea deals. >> so people in colorado, you guys, if you keep electing these pinheads this is what you will get out there. >> this is the speaker of the house putting it to his committee. >> do you have a dog? >> i'm about to get a dog. but i'm not going to get a chihuahua, after hearing this story. >> you have to get a chihuahua,
5:52 pm
because they're very interesting creatures, roll the tape. >> the tiny dog is causing a big stir. there are reports of packs, as many as 15 chasing kids as they walk to school, being bitten is another. but there is a worry, the canines leaving a trail of -- well, what they do. animal control got multiple calls about them, and need help. >> wow, phoenix, arizona? >> yes, this is maricopa county county, there are packs, eight to 15 of them. they're afraid kids walking to school will be frightened by the chihuahua, causing like a stir. there is like a disney movie, and the chihuahuas are meeting and having more puppies, they're having wild sex. >> these are not like child dogs going to somebody's house. they pack together, like 15 of
5:53 pm
them together. but here is the scary part of these chihuahuas, they are gang members, they have leather jackets. >> and there are little puppies that are trailing along, as well. >> do you know that for a fact or is that a rumor? >> i spoke to several chihuahuas today, and they revealed they have a very promiscuo -- promis >> what is the favorite dog america? >> what do you think it is? >> german shepherd? >> that is second, and lab is -- >> right behind happy. >> right behind wolves. all right, martha mccallum, you can see her -- factor tip of the day, if you found $10 million, if you found it, what should you do with it?
5:54 pm
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factor tip of the day, if you fall into some money, how should you handle it? in a moment, first we would like to remind all bill o'reilly premium numbers, this fo featur is just for you, if you do re-up your premium membership, you get a free book, it's a great time to read "killing jesus" so we hope you consider it. and a bold statement about why president obama wants to cut american military power, we're also adroit in eliciting the
5:57 pm
comment. and bill, after hearing you talk with bolton, i believe your head remains in the sand. if obama declares martial law will that open your eyes? all right, this is the final time i'm going to address this. final time. as americans we all have the right to an opinion. but to believe that president obama will declare martial law is out there. way out there. this program respects sincerely held beliefs no matter where they come from. but we don't pander and we're grounded in reality. that is why we have been the industry leader for nearly 15 minutes. and oregon, krauthammerer and bolton have more brain power than all the mainstream media combined and you actually have the good sense to listen to them, o'reilly, i'm shocked. and bill, regarding the discussion about american kids i
5:58 pm
agree with you. it was easier for them 15 years ago because today the media inundates children with destructive energies. all right, o'reilly is right again, pithy enough for you? i would say that is wrong, but puthy. again, we have a poll on the subject. and bill, as a retired high school teacher and nonpracticing jew, i read "killing jesus" it is a gem and opened up dialogue on the holy land, i appreciate that. and it does the same thing for the children in an illustrated way. finally tonight, the factor tip of the day, an amazing story out of northern california. an anonymous couple who is out walking their dog, i don't think it was a chihuahua, but they were walking a dog. and they noticed something strange in the ground on their property. they dug it out and discovered almost 1500 gold coins dating back to 1847 during the famous
5:59 pm
california gold rush. coin experts estimated the find could be worth $10 million. couple says they plan to sell the coins on amazon and they will use the money to pay off bills and quietly donate to some charities. and that is the key here. if you come into unexpected money always use a piece of it to help others. it is a karma thing, you have been blessed, help somebody else, factor tip of the day. i'm fascinated by the story because the 49ers were out there pulling the gold out in the gold dust and it was made into coins and then they kind of buried it because they didn't trust the banks. all of that, and they found it. 10 million bucks, please check out the factor website different from billo' also, spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world, o'
6:00 pm
don't be querulous, when responding to the factor. i'm bill o'reilly, we're definitely looking out for you. i'm megyn kelly, live in new york city. and tonight. just a bunch of lies? >> all of them were untrue. >> the second most powerful democrat in the country sets off a firestorm as he attacks the integrity of thousands of americans. his republican counterpart, senator mitch mcconnell is here to react. plus? president obama's actions have pushed executive power beyond all limits and created kb what has been characterize hissed as an uber-presidency. >> see what happened today when the white house took on executive orders. and new
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